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Wah Chan

This is Sony technology inherited by Nikon.
The stripe RGB arrangement is a feature of Sony's trinitron tube developed back in the early 80s for the flatter CRT. This RGB arrangement has been inherited by their LCD on the D300 and D3. The advantage of stripe over triad RGB is that it let out more backlight allowing the display to look brighter. It does not mean that what you get is high definition just a brighter and maybe cleaner example of a typical 320x240 VGA display.

Now you have your answer!


Nice try, but I believe you have still got it wrong.

The Delta array 960x240 'pixels' are still not pixels. They are dots or subpixels. These map to a standard QVGA 320x240 resolution. And how could it be otherwise? See it this way: You cannot map the screen dimensions to 960x240 real pixels. The dimension ratio would be wrong. This is true for all Nikon and Canon cameras using the delta array LCD's.

In contrast, the D3's stripe array maps to standard VGA resolution (640x480).

So you've got the last part right but the 230K part wrong. Whichever way you look at it the D3 area resolution is 4 times as much as the old 230K QVGA LCDs.

Wah Chan

This isnt quite right. There is definately more RGB pods onthe D3 and D300 but not in terms of area resolution which is similar to the 230k display of the Canon.

Jack Mazafi

I'm glad you shed light on a feature that Nikon is obviously intentionally trying to confuse the camera buying public with. Almost every preview of the D300 and D3 inteprets the dots as pixels when comparing them to Canon's 40D. I was actualy considering selling all of my gear and switching to Nikon, but not any more. Thanks again, I think you are the only to pick up on this!


If the ultimate proof of Nikon's claim is that the resolution of the new LCD is twice that of Canon's (and former Nikon LCDs), then the side-by-side comparison now available on another prominent digital camera review site rather dramatically and convincingly supports Nikon. It is only a matter of time before PopPhoto also publishes the startling difference and those now saying "shame on you" to Nikon will be slinking away with tails between their legs.


Confusing yes - but from what I've seen the D300 display is much better than the competition - oh well in 18 months everyone will have this (or at least this quality of a display), so the wait will be short. What's good for Nikon will be good for us all.



But Canon is also multiplying with three.

Canon have 320 x 240 x 3 = 230 K
Nikon have 640 x 480 x 3 = 920 K

The other math, without 3, would be:

Canon: 320 x 240 = 76'800
Nikon: 640 * 480 = 307'200

Highschool math.


intresting....we in fact now provide to our surveyors with the Nikon D300 and would most probably do so at any time over Canon....the sharpness is very much visible.

One click more can't make your life worst, only better........


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