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Ramone Tic

Fascinating! I love it!
What does it have to do with photography?

Chad Richard

For better or worst it has everything to do with photography (these days). I am in the middle of a project where moving images between my Mac and PC has caused incredible problems. In my case if both operating systems were accessing the same internal hard drive life would be much easier. The key issue is that interoperability issues due to proprietary formats can be a nightmare and this is a nice step to solve those issues.

Daniel Johnson

I wonder if you could do the same thing I did to get AutoCAD 13 to work on both DOS and Windows 95 UPGRADE I bought at MIDNIGHT the 1st. day it was released on my 60 Mhz. Pentium with the floating decimal point flaw! It had to be mounted on 2 phisacaly seperate hard drives with a partition on one for a swap drive, I had both hard drives formated for FAT-16 and didn't have the problems most had. Not that you have a shadowing problem like FAT-16 trying to read FAT-32, But then again I changed the date and time on that computer long before the Y2K hysteria peaked.


I'd love to see you wind up with the Apple WorkStation that has Dual Quad Core CPUs, especially if it had a POSIX compliant OS like Leopard, 2 AMD CPUs, 4 x 2 GB DIMMs of very fast memory lots of Video RAM and maybe even 2 small fast SCSI HDDs doing image mirroring and giving a quick scan time before you back-up to both large HDDs at the same time, all on a MotherBoard with an onboard SCSI controller and the modern day equivalent of the 440GX chipset I have on my old Pentium 3 Xeon WorkStation?

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