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John Kurtz

At $10,788/gal, I am very happy I use MIS inks at $264.00/gal.

I am also happy my Landcruiser dose not run on HP inks, whew!


Phil Pool

It's just like anything. Supply and demand. 3rd party inks I believe will eventually put an end to the ink suppliers greed.

As a businessman, if my product could only be bought by me, I'd charge whatever I want.......


I gave up on the ink jet game long ago and bought a laser printer. While the cost per page isn't *that* much less, the quality is much better. Ink jet output is pretty crappy and you can get photos printed at a photo store for less than maintaining your own printer.

Jeff Foster

Those prices are outrageous.

"It's just like anything. Supply and demand. 3rd party inks I believe will eventually put an end to the ink suppliers greed."

The problem is that, thanks to the DMCA, someone like HP can simply put a little bit of encryption on their cartridges (for no apparent benefit to the consumer) and then anyone who "breaks" the encryption to refill inks or sell 3rd party cartridges can be sued out of existence.

- and third party inks have yet to make a dent in ink pricing as far as i can tell. (not to mention ca void warranties, etc.)

Andrew Dunning

Staples (in Canada, at least) sometimes has sales on HP inks, albeit not across the board. If you watch the prices there, they actually fluctuate relatively often. Each of their tags has a date showing it was printed; it's rarely more than a few months old.

John Redmond

A better solution than 3rd party inks is DON'T PRINT! See http://keystoneisit.blogspot.com/2006/12/friends-dont-let-friends-print.html

Robert D. Jewell

Where has John Redmond been...visiting Rip Van Winkle? The "paperless office" was hailed as the future and now resides with the Dodo.

Chuck Kuhn

Epson on line has sales now and then on All their inks. Subscribe to their link. Staples, and other store give you $3.00 off if you bring in your old cartridge. No limit.

new jordans

A great man is always willing to be little.

Discounted Ink Cartridges

HP ink is very not consumer friendly IMO.I already tried their inks but man trust me it is consumed very fast than other brands like epson ink which is also cheaper than HP with same quality.

HP Toner Cartridges

Some of the HP Inks I admit is far expensive but the quality of ink they uses is superb.I am HP user since from the beginning.and thank you for the qonderful post.


Back in school, I'm doing so much leairnng.

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